As the heart awakens,
love commences.
The envisioning of modern-day romantic art as garments: our new collection Season IV – “Heart Awakening” introduces trans-seasonal tops, bottoms and accessories, that blend in effortlessly with ingenious art forms.
The twenty-one item collection leans on everlasting designs with primely placed graphics, in which colors of vigorous details complement tones of deep darkness and pure whiteness. The suasive words, expressed in calligraphy-esque manners, emphasize on romance and are alternated with modern Elegantaste prints.
Novelty is further brought by the introduction of the new monogram logo created from a subtle-arched refined font that matches the Season IV aesthetics and is featured on various items across different categories.
The utilized custom-made fabrics cotton and soft lightweight satin are intensively evaluated, improved and refined before being exposed to the best Portuguese and Turkish craftmanship, that meet our high-end prerequisites and ensuring comfortable fits, made for yesterday, today and tomorrow.
Inspired by the imperative awakening of our heart, our fourth collection is to be perceived, experienced and enjoyed by yours.
Elevating classic denim wear
through conspicuous details.
Staple pieces of every Elegantaste collection, sustainable heavy denim items manufactured by the best Turkish craftsmanship.
The inimitable blue wash is the repercussion of a multi-step stone-washing process with subtle desert finishing, incorporated in both the jean top and bottom. The logo-engraved buttons on the lower outer seam for optional flaring are exemplary for the intense focus on conspicuous details, elevating classic denim wear to contemporary fits.
A timeless embrace of comfort and style
embodying the modern artful aesthetics.
Subtle oversized tops crafted from custom-made heavy French terry fleece with a softly-brushed inner for a comfortable feel on the skin. The unique double-seamed pattern across the full length of the sleeves adds to the ease of elegance in design, in which visual appealing prints in colors of romance speak gradually. The similarly crafted heavy single-jersey tees are the foundation of the collection, embodying the modern artful aesthetics.
The perfect epilogue: a
revitalized appearance in
Introducing a new selective range of accessories as the perfect epilogue of the Heart Awakening collection.
Including two colorways of roped baseball caps on which embroidery prints impart an extra dimension and silver tone hardware establishes a luxurious finishing. The novice bucket hat and satin scarf feature the new monogram logo and embody the encapsulation of modernity, style and art of the selective range.

Season IV - Overview


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