Promotion / Lending Application


I. The most important thing for us is that the person who is going to wear/promote the item(s), should truly like what he is going to wear. We do not want our ambassadors to just wear our brand for the purpose of promoting and ‘free clothing’. If you are interested, we need you to be positive about the brand, and thus truly like our clothing.

II. We will never pay ambassadors a monetary amount.

III. We want to clearly know before-hand, who you are, what fore and when the item(s) will be used. If you are a stylist, we want to know before-hand who will wear the item(s). Furthermore, the information about when, for what event, and all extra information should be provided to us. 

In the next step you can fill in the promotion-application form, providing us all the information we need. After this, we will contact you for the terms and conditions of an agreement.

IV. If we come to an agreement, this agreement will be formalized by the signing of a contract, which will contain all the information gathered from the promotion-application form, and possibly other terms and conditions. 

V. If we come to the agreement that the item(s) will be returned to us, the same conditions as for regular returns will be applied. For more information, click on Terms and Conditions

VI. Before posting anything on social media, we want to see and judge the picture(s) that will be used. We want the post(s) of our ambassadors designed in a specific way (e.g. tags, description, title). Depending on your profile, we will decide what kind of post (e.g. story, feed) and whether tags and suchlike are necessary. 

VII. By agreeing to wear or promote our item(s), you allow us to use content of you or your client (in a stylist’s case), for our own purposes, without any limitation.

*By proceeding to the next step, you confirm that you have read all the prior information.


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