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Our label "Elegantaste" was officially established in the beginning of 2017. Before the company’s inception our team was already on quest for clothing manufacturers around the world. Our first products were manufactured in Asia, both Honk Kong and Dongguan to be precise. However, communication can be painful sometimes and the distance made it hard to visit productions for quality control. Moreover, at Elegantaste we’re constantly improving the development process of our high-end products and are eager to improve each season with unwavering determination. To comply with this, we decided to move our production to Europe in the end of 2017. With our collections being manufactured in Europe we can easily visit our suppliers and inspect the development process of each product.


In the first drop of Season II we will introduce our first denim collection. In order for us to realise our complex designs containing special wash and effect treatments we teamed up with a well-known denim manufacturer famous for their work for many top brands in the industry. Furthermore, our brand’s aesthetic is translated through special sourced heavyweight denim, a tailored fit towards the ankle and logo embossed buttons, rivets and trims.


Denim Wash FactoryOur top- and outerwear is manufactured in Portugal. For our hoodies and sweaters, we opened a new production line and created our own custom super heavyweight soft French terry cotton, simply because we couldn’t find a stock fabric in the market that satisfied our needs. Furthermore, we improved the fits of our ready to wear which is still oversized but more refined.


We are very exited to release the first drop of our new collection and would love hearing your opinion, use the comment section below to submit your opinion, thoughts and feedback.


Team Elegantaste.





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