About Us


Established in 2017, Elegantaste is a Dutch street influenced high-end label. 

Driven by the obsession to always mix styles and cultures, Elegantaste's garments are handmade using the finest fabrics. Started with the underlining element of being exclusive, we bring a range of garments that goes deeper then the conventional fashion standards by combining trends with uniqueness, high fashion with innovation and quality with comfort whilst maintaining a very reasonable price-point.

Every item added to our selection is designed for strong personalities who dare to be different and are not afraid to express themselves through what they carry. In this way, Elegantaste is a lifestyle for self-confident individuals who want to deliver their rich sense of style, personality and the essence of intricacy. 

Every garment of Elegantaste is one that sets you off and lets you stand comfortable and exclusively away from the crowd. Everything is designed in the Netherlands and crafted with obsessive attention for detail to give off your expensive taste. 

Your order is dispatched from the headquarters, received in our signature matte-black box, tissue wrapped.


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